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In Youncta we believe that the industrial and consumer worlds will become seamlessly integrated: this is where Youncta will try to excell in innovation. The mission of Youncta is to be a reliable reference for customers, distributors and system integrators. We are currently working on exciting “future-proof” products and services for the oncoming years. We believe in cooperation with our customers and suppliers: this is what will lead us on our road to innovation.

About Us

Learn About our Team & Culture.

Youncta is a company where tradition meets innovation. It was born from a group of Italian engineers. Through strategic collaborations they developed a new concept of microwave radio link. All parties agreed about the starting point: a solid knowledge on microwave communication; they believed that tradition needs to be melted with other technologies such as ubiquitous management, SDN, highest security standards, advanced radio techniques and more.

Our Culture

Having a strong and cohesive culture makes achieving our mission possible. Our culture is a driving force behind an employee's engagement and performance, and ultimately, our success in the markets we serve. We engage deeply and motivate our talented employees who want to establish Youncta in its market sectors. They are people who make a difference, leading and motivating their teams, and inspiring others to take action consistent with our culture pillars

Our Method

We make products that work and last for years. For our customers who rely on us. Our method is simple: we spend a lot of time testing our solutions with the precise objective to deliver something unique which can offer a great value. We stay closed to our customers in order to understand they needs and create something tailored for them. We adapt our portfolio to their markets, doesn't matter if they are many and very different. Our goal is to be successful with our customers, our method is based on a win-win strategy.

Our Market

WISP 40%
Utilities 10%
Fixed Operators 30%
Mobile Operators 20%
CEO Youncta
Alessandro Greco

Alessandro Greco

Youncta is the proof that Italian technicians and engineers are well appreciated in the TLC world. We are all determinate in realizing the important project of establishing a global company with global targets based in Italy and on Italian workforces. It is not an easy time to start a project and Italy is not universally seen as the ideal place to start such a company. But on the other hand this country has excellent universities and engineers and technicians formed by this teaching system are definitely at the highest possible level.

Chief Commercial Officer Youncta
Ercole Davide Rovida

Ercole Davide Rovida

Our company name Youncta comes from the Latin "iunctus" - "be united". That postulate "joint efforts to achieve progress" underlies the company philosophy. Our product portfolio presents actually microwave radio system for over-long distances communication, microwave radio system for high-capacity communication up to 1 Gbps and an innovative Network Management System. We are developing innovative solutions and products to foster telecommunication technology around the globe.

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on, That's the reason why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.


The key to a successful network operation is to provide high quality services.

Product documentation, SW packages, latest company and product updates at your hand, in a dedicated web portal for customers. Here You can issue requests for support, technical queries, general suggestions and even implementation of new features! All your requests will be monitored and answered in real time, and even supported with live chat with Youncta customer support team. Your tickets can be shared among people in and outside your organization, stored in our archives, and can be associated to specific SLA profiles. A powerful engine is also available to search for your favourite contents in our knowledge base.

Our Technology

Y-PACKET Provides intuitive AJAX based web management interface, a wide range of Licensed and Unlicensed frequency bands, high radio capacity up to 420 Mbps, VLAN 802.1Q tagging and QoS for data traffic, secure management over IPv4 and IPv6, centralised RADIUS authentication. It has been developed with an aim to be easy to install, interoperable with other equipment in the network, and easily integrated with third parties Network Management Systems.

Y-HAUL The Y-Haul product family is mainly devoted to communication for rural and remote areas, video surveillance communication and communication for Oil & Gas companies. Y-Haul is a wireless telecom equipment, designed for operation in an extremely long distance and in near-of-line sight conditions. It could be a really wise alternative to satellite communications, providing low TCO and high reliability Ethernet/TDM channel in both point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configurations.

Y-NMS Youncta’s powerful Network Management System. It provides monitoring and configuration of our microwave radio links. Y-NMS allows quickly identification of faults and anomalies on radio paths and single units. The Y-NMS is a modern management and control system with user-friendly interface, and powerful real time monitoring.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Zero foothprint
  • Flexibility
  • Rebrand
  • Modularity


We help our customers during all the steps of their network Deployment strictly working with our Service Partners in order to assure a continue high level support. Youncta selects Service Partners and enable them to be fully independent in the field. Nevertheless we are ready to join them remotely or locally in case there is a request.


We never stop optimizing. We have a precise goal that represents our aim to reduce costs and deliver to our customers the most effective solutions and Services. We study each market sector and based on the key elements we find, we adapt our deliverables every time we think is appropriate.

Managed Services

We have created a range of managed services models that we use to manage networks worldwide. Managed services models focused on reducing cost and complexity. We work following our customers’ strategies and business objectives. We are focused on three main pillars: efficiency, scalability and maximum flexibility.

Get in Touch

Do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving you.

Located in the heart of northern Italy, Youncta offices can be easily reached anywhere internationally. Our proximity to the Manufacturing facility and logistical support is also of strategic importance for Youncta: it allows continuous monitoring of R&D and manufacturing for quality assurance, as well as high efficiency in supply and delivery of components.

Head Quarter

  • contact@youncta.com
  • +39 039-5973710
  • Youncta S.r.l.
    Centro Direzionale Colleoni
    Via Paracelso 20
    Palazzo Andromeda 3
    20864 Agrate Brianza (MB)

International Representatives

South Africa
P.O. Box 654
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South Africa

Rua Antonio Buglioli, numero 156
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Ciudad Paulina,
São Paulo, Brasil.